Hello! My name is Kathryn and I am a mobile massage therapist working in the Manchester area. 

Following university I went on to work for the NHS as a Physiotherapy Assistant for four years and I recently took a big step and became fully self employed in May 2018 to pursue my Sports Therapy and Massage business.

I specialise in Sports Massage/Deep tissue and Pregnancy massage!

Sports Massage/Deep Tissue

 I hold a degree in Sports Therapy from the University of Huddersfield and this is where my interest in massage began. I have worked with the Super League professional rugby 1st team the Huddersfield Giants whilst at university. This allowed me to practice my skills on many different body types, I really enjoy the end results of a sports massage, and the instant feedback I get from my clients. I have just completed an Advanced Deep tissue course March 2018 to maintain and improve on my skills. The results from many clients have amazed myself and my clients. Deep tissue can have incredible outcomes and benefits especially for chronic aches and pains!

Pregnancy Massage

Whilst working for the NHS three of my colleagues became pregnant at the same time and I found myself learning about many different problems women experience during pregnancy. On hearing about these problems I returned to a topic at university about exercises in pregnancy. I take great pride in sharing with you that I was granted a 1st in this module and so I happily started researching again and discovered how many benefits massage during pregnancy has! Leading me to me undertaking a qualification in pregnancy massage. I have been providing pregnancy massage for 18 months, my clients have all found them extremely helpful and relaxing and often wish they had started them sooner!